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Strange Days CD insert with photographs by James Fortune

Smithsonian Rock and Roll: Live and Unseen: 2015 by Bill Bentley. Cover photograph by James Fortune

Rolling Stone's Led Zeppelin collectors edition featuring James Fortune's famous Jon Bonham photograph

Rolling Stone magazine interview with Robert Plant. Photograph by James Fortune, Kezar Stadium San Francisco, June 2, 1973

James Fortune's best selling posters. Elton John-1974 and Led Zeppelin-1977. Robert Plant Led Zeppelin poster-1977.

Published by One Stop Posters, Los Angeles

Additional examples of published work

Five Years ago John Bonham's family asked Mr. Fortune if he would donate his famous photograph of John in concert to use as a template for the John Bonham Memorial statue. Mr. Fortune agreed and today the statue can be seen in John Bonham's hometown of Redditch, UK.

In this Iggy Pop video a couple of James Fortune's famous Iggy Pop B&W photographs appear around the one minute mark.

Ray Manzarek Album Art

Release date: January, 1975

Photo credit: James Fortune

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